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Ways To Win

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

When you enter the Gin Mill Card Club, you’re entering a modern world of traditional gaming.

What does that mean? We keep the traditional rules of tournament play and settings for popular card games, but we modernize with more concessions to our players that we think are important.

There is a new philosophy in the gaming industry as a whole, and it's called ‘play to earn.’ The idea is that you get rid of the old model where ‘the house always wins’ and give people incentives to stay at the table and participate.

With that in mind, here are some ways to win that we've integrated into play at our Webster location.

Spin the Wheel

Each day, a player will spin the wheel and recoup certain amounts of prize money. That's extra on top of everything else that you're getting from sitting down at the table.

In a way, it's like some of these digital casinos where you’re getting rakebacks and freerolls and all of the above. Here there is a visual component to and it's fun to compete with these kinds of extras in play.

Double Prize Pots

We upped the ante and juiced the prize pools to give you a better chance of getting more winnings into your stack.

Once again, it's a way to enhance what you get as a player when you sit down to the table. We’re proud to be on the vanguard of this kind of play philosophy and you can see that at work when you play here. Some of these pots get big! That’s something to think about when you sit down, thinking about what you will get out of a gaming session. You might be surprised what can roll your way when lady luck hands you the cards.

The Thrill of Competition

Of course, ultimately, you're often playing against other players. Being able to increase your stake is a huge incentive to keep playing, and visiting, you can also check out our coffee shop and other extras as you enjoy traditional play in an exciting modern atmosphere.

Poker is an exciting way to pass the time. We want to be a lasting and enduring presence in the Webster community, a place you can feel free to come to often, and become a “regular” at. Happily, we no longer have a lot of the prohibitions that drove this kind of pastime underground decades ago. But you can still pretend it’s the old days!

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