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Four Special Pocket Card Terms

When you're playing at the Gin Mill Card Club, you’re playing with some pretty fun folks. We know cards and how to set up the best ambiance and environment for tournaments and other game play, and in an era where Bitcoin casinos are popping up everywhere, people still like to play “manually” over here!

These are some terms that you hear when you sit at the table, dealing real cards with real people.

Double Aces

In the pocket, many people refer to two aces as ‘pocket rockets’ or ‘bullets.’ Some people use the classic term ‘snake eyes’ from the two lowest numbered dice in a game like craps (some people consider snake eyes bad luck, though)_ . Some people refer to the two Aces (the best two pocket cards there are) as ‘Alan Alda,’ but that's a little more obscure…

Double Kings

Two Kings are colloquially called ‘cowboys’ and carry quite a bit of prestige in your hand. If you're holding pocket Kings before the river, you can be fairly confident depending on what flops out.

Ace Queen

An Ace-Queen pocket pair goes by a variety of different terms, including ‘rocket queen,’ ‘big chick,’ and ‘Anthony and Cleopatra.’

Some people, however, consider the AQ a bad luck hand. You can read more about that in the annals of card-playing history.

Ace Jack

It's not a bad hand, but doesn't really rival double aces. Still, anything with two face cards gives you a certain amount of betting power early on.

These are just some of the cool terms you might hear while playing poker and holding tournaments in a clean, well lighted place – a neat environment that mirrors some of that traditional card-playing atmosphere that made this such an enduring pastime in America and elsewhere over the ages.

When you look at a common deck of playing cards, you see that the iconography and appeal of this kind of gaming has been in place for centuries, and it's never going away. In these modern times, people enjoy the relaxing aspect of playing a card game, and that's what we offer here.

Take a look at your hand, and sit down in a real card play table environment to enjoy poker or other games the old way. We help to facilitate those hours of fun and enjoyment, with a good investment in a facility that feels good to play in, with events, specials and more.

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