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In the 1920's people commonly referred to speakeasy's as a Gin Mill in order to avoid the laws of the day. Today however, we chose the name to allow us to illuminate the laid back and inviting environment provided within our walls.

The Gin Mill is the premier private social club serving Lubbock and the surrounding area. With our relaxed and inviting card room, we provide our members with the safest, cleanest and most professional LEGAL poker facility in Texas. We offer a variety of tournaments and rake free cash games, spreading Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and more.

Joining is easy! Come in and see us for your membership application.
(You are eligible to play the same day)

Membership Fees:
ONE time registration fee $20
(this includes your first daily membership)

 Daily Membership: 
$5 (Lubbock ONLY)


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